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The rate of tax on amount of compensation shall be at the appropriate rate for 2018-19 as per the provisions of the Payment of Additional Tax Act, 2017 as amended by Finance Act, 2017 for the current financial year. The new rate of tax as applicable on the compensation for 2018-19 shall be determined in the light of the amendment to provisions relating to rate of tax on such compensation in Payment of Additional Tax Act, 2017 and relevant provisions of Central Excise Act, 1944 and Central Sales Tax Act, 2007 and the provisions of the Finance Act, 2017 for the current financial year." "FDCM also clarified that, "The Central Government has given the authority to the Board of Trustees to determine the quantum of compensation for the transfer of land in their area of jurisdiction. The said Board shall follow the principles of Article 14 of the Constitution of India." "The Central Government has also directed the Board to frame rules for the implementation of the said order within a period of two months." The policy for compensation is now not much different from the previous ones. Development in Maharashtra In the coming years, the state government has to pay additional T.A. 2.5% on top of existing tax rates on compensations. The T.A. rates on compensation has not changed as in most of the cases the compensations amount in the market to be at least T.A. 1.5%. References Category:Property law of India Category:Law in IndiaQ: How can I suppress an output line in Perl? I've tried several methods to suppress an output line in Perl. Here are the options I've tried: $! = 0; $| = 1; $? = 1; my $old_stdout = $*OUT; I've even tried variations of the following, with no success: sub handler { if ($ENV{PIPE}){ print "Don't print "; } } sub my_print_sub print "$_[0] $_[1] $_[2] my_print_sub(__PACKAGE__,"mike","bar"); print "$_[0] $_[1




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